Monday, November 7, 2011

Overwhelmed by Unmentionables

If there's a white elephant in my (non-existent) 'closet', it's the underwear drawer.

Our combined 'closet' is currently a four-drawer dresser—two wide drawers and two narrow ones that I share with my partner. Which means we should get one large and one smaller drawer each—so the fact that I had one entire narrow drawer of innerwear, stuffed in till they seemed to be vacuum-packed in it, was an unmentionable embarrassment. Especially as it meant that my handkerchiefs, scarves, camisoles, belts, swimming gear had ousted his stuff from the other smaller drawer.

This year, not wanting to repeat last year's obstacle course of sweater-filled suitcases piled at the foot of the bed for months, I decided to select a leaner winter wardrobe. Which would give his sweaters a home other than a pile on his bedside chair.

Taking on Project 33.3 helped clear out—not just un-stuff—my larger drawer. It was unprecedented, seeing my main clothes drawer half-empty. Which meant by swimming things, my homeless handkerfchiefs, my scarves-in-storage, and my score or so of socks could migrate to roomier quarters—out of Man's Land.

The funny thing was, with the stack of homelies shortened and the clothes 'closet' uncluttered, the smallest drawer, that smalls drawer, begged for a decongestion to match.

After some furious and frazzled trips to the 'outbox', several tippings in and dippings out, the embarrassment of inner riches has been curtailed to:
  1. A dozen knickers (yikes! and yes, that's the shortlist!)
  2. Half a dozen bras
  3. Four matched sets (typically reserved for the travel case)
  4. Two camisole sets for sleeping in (a top and a pair of bottoms each)
  5. Pair of slips
  6. Sixteen(!) pairs of socks—including sleeping socks, gym socks, 'slipper' socks (oxymorons, what with the rubber dots for traction), and just your everyday foot warmers and shoe liners.
Not a very descriptive list; but then I don't want to be accused of washing my dirty linen in public!

Ideally, item 4 belongs in seasonal storage; but they take up little enough room, so they stay put at the back of the drawer for now, rather than getting lost in the recesses of one of six suitcases.

What in the world was banished to the storage box, then? Well, all the stockings (about 10 pairs possibly); the half-a-dozen half-slips; the pair of shapers; oodles of other (new!) undies...

What was I thinking? Yeah—don't even ask! They're evidently called 'unmentionables' for a reason...!

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